Carrie Costello
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
                                                      - Lao Tsu

We are not born with shame, judgment, small-mindedness, bigotry and fear. These are learned behaviors while we are developing a sense of self as young children. I was lost in fear and self-doubt. I didn’t believe I was smart enough, pretty enough, good enough or worthy enough to sparkle. I was struggling and didn’t have the tools or skills to break free from my inner voices that kept sabotaging me. I was more comfortable playing small, being a victim and beating myself down then choosing to lift myself up. The seven dwarves in my head kept driving my choices and I was making some bad choices. My critical inner dialogue was killing me.

There was no fast track, it was hard, uncomfortable and scary at times. It was through the work with my life coach that a fire erupted; a passion to be better. To have the willingness, courage and faith to face my fears and bullshit. Life can be painful at times, and I believe it is our attitude and perspective that get in the way of our bliss.  I learned to embrace and look at my ugly behavior -- my shadow side -- and start to clean up my mess. I opened up to all the facets of who I am. I stepped out of my darkness and into my radiance.  I was able to understand that who I was being is not who I am.  I discovered I get to decide who I want to be and how I want to be seen, by being courageous and making changes in my reality of how I was seeing the world. At the time I was seeing the world as unsafe and hard.  When I was joyous I was secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I believed I was unworthy to be happy, successful and special. I built up a lot of resentment, anger, blame, sadness and rage at times. I wasn’t happy with who I was being, but I didn’t know how to stop my inner battle of negative and demeaning critical chatter and self-talk.

Life is like school -- we learn and grow a little more each day. We are not given a road map or a direction pamphlet as to where to go. What we can develop is the ability to see and hear with different ears and eyes. I’ve learned to listen and not block the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable and messy. I am my own invisible mentor so I can create visible peace. I invite you to risk being better, feeling better, being happy and living the life you are meant to be living. Get to know the rough terrain within; own, accept and understand your fears, and open up to your genuine exquisiteness and intelligence.

I have developed skills and tools to move through the weeds of self-doubt, shifting my beliefs and surrendering to my higher power. I am here to support you in transforming old beliefs that have held you captive.

Why Spirit Coaching?

I bring decades of experience, study, travels and soulful work to the table.  My unwavering dedication, truthfulness and ability to dig deep, along with my “get real” approach, all add up to a strong connection to you as a mentor. 

My approach involves compassion, brutal honesty, mindfulness, and being an enthusiastic advocate for you to live the life you truly want. My training in reiki, spiritual counseling and vipassana meditation helps guide and empower me to help you slow down, observe, and not react; to breathe, listen and efficiently do the necessary self work. You will get quiet, and dig deep into the sometimes-murky waters and hear the answers necessary to shift gears and create miraculous changes.

I truly believe that most of the time we already have the right answers within us. My values are holding space, being of your word, being accountable, having integrity, being honest and taking the right actions for you. Developing tools to fall in love with who you are, without apologies, being better each day, and taking bold risks. You have to be willing to clean up your mess, you have to want to change, to do the work, to show up, get your hands dirty, and be authentic.  I will help you cocoon and transform into your very best version of yourself.




Reiki is an internationally practiced holistic method of hands-on healing. It accelerates the body's innate ability to heal itself on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki balances the body's energies, cleanses the body of poisons, and promotes a state of total relaxation.

Both the giver and receiver of Reiki receive the benefits of this powerful healing energy. In Reiki individuals benefit from the trust they develop in their own intuition. The only requirement is the willingness to receive Reiki Energy.

Carrie says, "My Reiki practice is a natural complement to my yoga practice. Both empower individuals to heal themselves from the inside out." 

Carrie was blessed to have Reiki Master Mary McFadden as her teacher.  


Reiki is phenomenal at:

  • Facilitating the release of pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Providing deep relaxation
  • Assisting the body in releasing toxins
  • Removing negative blocks
  • Helping relieve pain from symptoms such as
    • migraines
    • arthritis
    • sciatica
    • chronic fatigue
    • menopausal symptoms
    • insomnia.

Private one hour sessions with Carrie are available now!