Meet Carrie


Yoga saved me, healed me. Yoga continues to teach me and inspire me. Yoga is my greatest love affair; it slows me down, and it makes me pause, focus, pay attention and go inward. Yoga helps me quiet my inner chatter; it reminds me to love myself. It has taught me I am uniquely perfect just as I am. Yoga stops my ego from taking over and robbing me of my true essence, which is love, compassion and joy.  Yoga guides me towards acceptance of what is and to truly see myself in all beings. Yoga reminds me to observe my thoughts and not react to the emotions or impulses that come up. Yoga is magic and I am grateful for every day I get to practice and teach.

Teaching for me is an opportunity, a privilege to share what I have learned. I believe the physical practice is the gateway to freedom and expansion of self. It gets us started, wakes us up, rings us out and it opens the widow of wisdom, light and the possibility of who we truly are -- whole, complete and exceptionally perfect; here to contribute and share our gifts with the world.

How do you start your day?

Meditation, Gratitude, Yoga, Cashew Latte(!) and Love.

How would others describe you?

Powerful. Enthusiastic. Authentic. Impactful. Alive.


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